Waver WiFi Captive Portal Routers: Guest WiFi done Right.

Galli Media is pleased to announce that we are a stocking value-added reseller of Waver WiFi Captive Portal Router (guest wifi) solutions. Waver WiFi has released a series of routers that support Passenger WiFi and Guest Wifi out of the box — there is no special configuration or set-up for use in existing networks.

How is this possible?

In most Guest WiFi Setups the software is provided as a subscription (SaaS) where all of the branding and sign-in features are done somewhere else in the world on a dedicated server. The client’s existing router is configured to work with this set-up by changing all sorts of port allocations and writing special permissions to make it work.

This causes all kinds of problems that may be either immediately apparent (other hardware and software stops working right away) or may cause problems that aren’t apparent until later on (such as hardware updates, content updates, and so on).

GALLI MEDIA avoids this scenario 100% by shipping a fully configured router to the customer’s location ready to go. Simply plug the router into the Wide Area Network (WAN) or an existing port on your company’s main router, and the guest wifi features run in tandem to the main router’s existing settings.

That’s correct.

Either plug into the Wide Area Network (WAN) or your existing router and the Galli Media Waver WiFi dedicated guest wifi router will run along-side the services being managed on the main router. No changes or port updates are necessary. This ensures the highest security and control for both your main network and your guest network while also eliminating service calls and hardware reconfigurations every time you add another IoT device to the network.

If you find yourself struggling to get your existing guest wifi solution to work, you are not alone.

Avoid these problems by installing a dedicated Waver WiFi router running in tandem to your main router.

Watch the video for a complete explanation. And please let us know if you would like to discuss guest wifi solutions from GALLI MEDIA in greater detail.

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