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Tour Introduction - Audio & Text Narrative

A visit to San Francisco wouldn’t be complete without riding one of the City’s historic trolley cars on the F – Market & Wharves Line, the most successful vintage trolley line ever operated.   With more than 7.5 million riders each year and a growing fleet of historic streetcars from around the world, San Francisco’s “museums in motion” and their network of rail lines provide a wonderful opportunity to see many of the City’s most famous sites from the comfort of a historic trolley. 

You can begin your F Market & Wharves tour anywhere along the route, however plan to start at either Fisherman’s Wharf or the Castro if you want to make the journey from tip to toe. For the price of trolley fare, your journey will include a narrated introduction to a wide range of monuments, historic neighborhoods, museums, and buildings, including: Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Levi’s, the Exploratorium, the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge, the Embarcadero, AT&T Park, Yerba Buena Gardens and Center for the Arts, UN Plaza and Civic Center, and the Castro.

Each segment includes lots of photos, useful information and links, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn more after you take the tour.

Plan about 45 to 60 minutes to complete the tour on a single journey. You can start or rejoin the tour at any trolley stop using the navigation system built into the APP.

Payment is required when you board the trolley. Conductors do not give change or accept credit cards, so please remember to have the exact fare when you board. If you purchased a single journey, as for a transfer when you board the trolley which is good on the entire SF MUNI network for 90 minutes. All of San Francisco’s historic trolleys are stroller and handicap friendly, so visitors with strollers and wheelchairs may board any of the cars where they will find ample space to ride.

Unfortunately the historic cable cars do not have space for strollers or wheelchair accommodation.

All you need now are some headphones!

A word of caution: There’s more than enough time on the trolley to text your friends and upload your favorite photos, so please do not use the trolleyguide APP while crossing city streets, or while boarding or disembarking from the streetcar. While we are responsible for your tour enjoyment , we are not responsible for any accidents that may occur while you are using the APP, and ask you to remove your headphones while boarding and disembarking from the trolley and while crossing public streets.

Now that we have our legal stuff out of the way, let’s start the tour…with a trivia question!

What is the oldest trolley car in San Francisco’s historic fleet? You’ll have to wait until we get to the Market Street Railway Museum to buy some gifts and get the answer.

Enjoy the ride!



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Ferry Building


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You don’t have to be “born in the USA” to recognize the name Levi Strauss, but it wasn’t until movie and music celebrities popularized the jeans first created for California’s Gold Rush miners that Levi’s became a global name. The original 501’s can be traced to 1872 when a tailor from Reno, Nevada named Jacob Davis approached a San Francisco-based dry goods wholesaler named Levi Strauss with the idea of making ‘riveted pants’. The two immigrants — one from Bavaria and the other from Latvia, filed for a patent on their invention and in 1873 started a global clothing empire that generates nearly $5 Billion in revenue annually. Amongst the most popular styles are the 514 ‘slim straight’, 511 ‘skinny jeans’, 527 ‘boot cut’ and the 501 ‘straight thru the seat’ jeans that started it all for Jacob and Levi. If you happen to find in a flea market or your closet a pair of Levi’s with a capital letter “E” in the name tag — hold on to them! They were made before 1971, are ‘vintage’, and might fetch $5,000 or more on eBay depending on style, age and condition.

Visit the company’s headquarters on Battery Street to see a 150-year history of the world’s most favorite blue jeans. Afterwards, take the trolley or Powell Street Cable car to the company’s newly opened Flagship Store at 815 Market Street and invest in a pair of jeans…they might be worth a lot one day!

and Promote Retail Shopping and Seasonal Events!

The San Francisco Westfield Shopping Center between 4th and 5th Streets on Market is one of the best shopping experiences you will find in the Bay Area.

Flagship stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales as well as specialty grocery shops, cinema and designer boutiques make up the 1.25 million square feet of retail shopping space.

From 1896 to 1995 it was the headquarters and flagship department store of the Emporium — a destination for northern California shoppers for nearly 100 years.

While much of the original building is now gone, the original beaux-arts style facade and dome by architect Albert Pissis have been beautifully restored and the building now houses gourmet food and dining, shopping, and a Century Theatres Cineplex. The basement level will take you directly to BART — the Bay Area’s rapid transit railway, as well as a SF MUNI lightrail station for connections within the City and around the Bay.

Be sure to visit the dome from late November thru December when the San Francisco Ballet hosts “Nutcracker Under the Dome” — a light show extravaganza every hour from 5pm until the mall closes, sure to appeal to kids of all ages.

International travelers visiting the City should visit the Concierge desk on the second level upon arrival to get a Savings Passbook filled with discounts on purchases from many participating stores.


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Moose Warywoda – Voice Narration
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