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Increase revenue and marketing campaigns with a Guest WiFi Solution from Galli Media.

Guest WiFi from Galli Media will transform your free WiFi into a revenue generating solution driving advertising, promotions, new products/services and marketing campaigns. Limit access, speed and filter internet access in the all-in-one control panel.

No fees or subscriptions for use. Order the Waver WiFi router and software is included free of charge.

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How the Guest WiFi System Works.

Guest views a brief promotional video before using WiFi.

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Guest registers email or mobile number and agrees to terms of use.

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Guest is logged in and sees brief final ad or welcome message.

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Guest is redirected to business website or search engine.

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Real-time management from a secure wifi network.

Galli Media partners with Waver Tech to bring you full network control over the PointX Centralized Management System.  Filter the web browsing by allowing popular destinations while blocking access to inappropriate content.

Set download speeds and ensure that all your passengers have equal access to a quality WiFi browsing experience.

Waver Tech Captive Portal Authorized Reseller

Real-time Control and Analytics from Cloud-based PointX Administrative Center

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Guest WiFi Solution Features


Collect Email, Telephone, Birthday and other information to engage passenger with directed advertising, birthday greetings, special promotions, news and announcements.


Free version of Passenger WiFi can be paid for by requiring riders to watch a short advertisement before use, and again after several minutes of continued use.


Track Advertisement Clicks in order to generate marketing data. Generate revenue for the transit agency by demonstrating effectiveness of promotions and campaigns.


Social network login available for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. Standard Email access available by default.


Limit download and upload rate for each passenger connected to your network to prevent bandwidth lagging and disruptions and ensure a quality experience for all simultaneous users.


Require passengers to accept Terms of Use before granting Internet Access so you can comply with data protection regulations in your city and country.

Waver Wifi Authorized Reseller

Galli Media is an Authorized Reseller of Waver WiFi Captive Portal & Guest Marketing Solutions.

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WiFi Hotspot Solution for Business

Branded Captive Portal Editor & Wifi Marketing

Hardware Based with No Monthly Fees

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